What is her name?

Her name is Hu Ju [Hoo-joo] Han, but she said you can call her Heizel [Hazel].

Who is Heizel?

Heizel is a Multimedia Designer, Video Editor and Lifetime Student based in Toronto. She creates attractive digital arts, brand stories and UI/UX through Digital Design, Branding, Motion Graphics, Illustration and Art Direction.

What does Heizel say?

She believes that the primary quality of a designer is understanding. Users want creative solutions, therefore, it is the duty of a designer to utilize all her/his skills including empathy, ideation, and honesty in order to find the best way forward. As a designer communicates her/his vision with clients, a designer needs to know how to catch what the users want through a steady focus and revision. Consequently, the final design will be harmonized with the ideas of a designer and the users.

What I do?


Brand Design

Digital & Print